Perry Bernard - SEO specialist

I started this website in late 2014 with the full intention of writing a truly extensive resource of SEO ideas, tips and advice. By early 2015 I realised that if I didn’t launch it in an incomplete state, I might never launch it. I had discovered that when writing, I could easily think of more and more to add to it, so up it went in March. I’ve been playing with it, adding to it and modifying the design a little since then, but you see it now essentially as I intended it to be. Visit the website here.

I selected a gTLD for the domain on this site, and also thought I’d try setting it on https to see if that produces any advantage. We’ll see how that pans out, but one has to remember that https in the mix is only a small factor, and the .com is targeted at New Zealand via Google Search Console settings. I also tagged most pages with hreflang alternate URLs with a sole statement for en-NZ. I did this because I intended to launch a duplicated site on another gTLD for Australian targeting.

In October 2016 I redesigned Cranked SEO and relaunched with improved UI, better navigation structure and (hopefully) more logical arrangement of pages.