This website exists for the sole purpose of expressing something about the things I like, the hobbies I’ve had, and some of the experiences I enjoyed. It’s a blog about my opinion, and it’s a collection of some of my written work.

I am an organic rank specialist at Forge Online, a website design and digital marketing company, established at the end of 2012. I see SEO as my ‘accidental’ occupation because it’s one I didn’t especially set out to have. Instead, I consider myself as a linguist first and foremost. I love the technical elements of language, like grammar, phonology and lexicology. If I could wish for a super-power, it would be to understand and speak every single language ever used. Some might say that isn’t a super power, but I think it is.

I have a strong personality that has gotten me into trouble every now and then, but it’s also made me particularly useful to employers, colleagues and clients because I am very committed to helping those who want help. Sometimes I get things wrong, and I didn’t think before I opened my mouth, but other times I help make a real positive difference where others where too afraid to speak up.

Whichever side of me you choose to focus on, is up to you.


If you’ve taken the time to come to my website and read this content, I presume you’re interested in the subjects I discuss, in which case I’d love to hear from you and add your contribution to the site. What matters is that you have an opinion, and it doesn’t have to be the same as mine. Create a profile on this website and comment if you want. I’d be most happy to publish your viewpoint. Just keep it rated GA please. Please read my disclaimer.


Here’s some of the latest blog posts I have added here or on other platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+. If you’re not already connected with me on those platforms, I’d love to have you connect. I hope some of the content I write is helpful. Please see my disclaimer for comments on my written work.