Doing all I can…

I do all I can to help others, to do an amazing job, and to find success.

But I know shit happens sometimes.


I’m proud to have grown up in the South Waikato. But I’m not a local by birth…

Born in Europe, with Asian heritage.


Too smart for my own good as a kid.
Thankfully, smarter as an adult.

BAHons: Linguistics (Syntax, Grammar, Morphology, Phonology, Semantics). Cert Tertiary Teaching.


Best known for my Swimming ability, and national level medals at a young age.

I also competed in regional level cycling, kayaking, and triathlons.


I owned my first business at age 19, and had my first trade as a wedding photographer.

Since then, I created 4 other companies and plan for more.


I love languages and wish I could speak them all. I’ll settle for understanding a dozen.

Other interests: woodworking, electronics, photography, teaching, marketing, business, and entrepreneurship, in no particular order.


I’ve done a lot of different stuff…

Retail assistant,

retail business owner,

national technical trainer,

electronics service specialist in the photo-processing industry,

import business owner,


eCommerce manager,

marketing consultant,

SEO consultant,

marketing and performance manager in consumer finance,

head of sales & marketing,

digital agency owner…

…what’s next?

By the way, those photos are all my work and are strictly Copyright©. If you would like to use one for some reason, you must contact me first