My Photo albums.

Each division has a selection of photos from a specific ‘batch’, film or date range with related subject matter.


These albums are from digital photography.

Images are from either a 2005 Nikon D70s, 2014 Nikon D7100 or 2021 Nikon Z6ii.

Prior to these cameras I did use some Kodak DC models. At the time, I was working for Eastman Kodak here in New Zealand as a technical trainer and account support rep for large retail clients.

When looking back at the older digital images we can see just how far this technology has come in just two and a half decades.

As at 2023, we are now at the birth of astoundingly lifelike AI generated images. The art of photography may never be the same again.

Digital Albums

Contemporary Film.

These albums are from film photography taken recently using ‘antique’ cameras (I say that loosely because all but one are younger than me). I am using: a 1949 Zeiss Nettar 517; a 1985 Minolta X700; a 1989 Nikon F4; 1993 Nikon F4s; 1997 Nikon F5.

The Zeiss uses 120 roll film, while the others are 35mm.

The value of film means that every shot must be considered. After all, who wants to waste $3 each time you press the button on something that ‘might or might not look any good’?

In my opinion, practicing shooting with film makes you a better photographer.

Contemporary Film Albums

Restored Film.

These original images are all shot in the 80’s or 90’s and have been taken off negatives into a Nikon Z6ii using a fairly standard Nikkor 50mm f1.8G plus macro extension tubes.

The negatives were backlit with a Kaiser slimlite plano.

Images shot at 1.6s at f/11, colour temp set to 3400K to maximise the capture of RGB colour ranges within the exposure bandwidth. Exposure range inverted in Camera RAW (PhotoShop) and then dust and scratches painstakingly removed for each frame.

Some images are stacks of 5 to ensure corner-to-corner sharpness due to issues with the lens and short distance to plane of focus, but generally I did not bother worrying about that. In those rare cases, I shot one image centred in the middle of the negative, and one image centred just inside each corner.

Restored Film Albums